Sandy Loam

We manufacture our sandy loam with a careful blend of the following:

    • Sand
    • Aged Sawdust
    • Garden Mulch Compost

It is thoroughly screened and well blended making it a versatile all purpose base soil. We recommend applying it 6 inches deep on fractured ground. This allows for good drainage.  Water and fertilize plants or turf as recommended.

Blended Soil

3 Way Soil

We manufacture our 3 Way soil with a blend of the following:

  • Compost
  • Sand
  • Dark Fines

This combination results in a fertile soil product. It provides good drainage and also
maintains adequate water for plants that have regular watering cycles.
3 Way soil is a naturally fertile soil that is good for garden and landscape plants
Apply this product 6 to 12 inches deep in a garden bed or new landscape and then
plant all types of plants as recommended. You may water once a week or even less during the summer.